How to Get Reward Points

Attending an Appointment

+1 point per appointment

Book an Appointment Online

+1 points per appointment
max: 4x per month

Purchase a Product

+5 points
max: 1x per month

Write a Review

+10 points
max: 1x per month

Birthday Points

+10 points
max: 1x per year


+5 points

A Friend You Referred Purchased a Membership

+10 points

Purchase a Membership

+10-20 points

Share a Get Salty & Lit Facebook Post

+2 points
max: 2x per week

Redeemable Prizes

One Complimentary Visit

400 points

50% Off Any Item in Our Gift Shop

300 points

Get Salty & Lit Water Bottle

200 points

Get Salty & Lit Tumbler w/Straw

200 points

Get Salty & Lit Cotton Tote Bag w/Zipper

200 points

Points are not transferable between accounts and have no cash value.

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